Laziness Manifested

I know I’m a lazy sort.  There’s no secret in that.  But sometimes even I am amazed at the lengths I go to just to be lazy. 

While watching Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas (and grumbling that once again the channel is forcing me to break my “the Christmas season doesn’t officially begin until the jolly old man comes down the street in the Macy Thanksgiving Day parade” rule) I saw an ad for a contraption called the Egglette.  Basically it allows you to “make the perfect egg” without, you know, having to make the perfect egg in the traditional way.  Because boiling an egg is too difficult?  I’m no cook.  The kitchen is my least favorite room in the house.  But even I can boil an egg.  It takes two ingredients: an egg and water.

It reminded me of the time when I saw packages of hard boiled eggs at the grocery store.  I had two thoughts simultaneously.  First, I thought how lazy can you get?  And second, though it really came in on top of the first thought, cool.  No, I did not buy the hard boiled eggs that day even though I was slightly tempted to pay the extra money to indulge my laziness.

This isn’t the first time my fiscal retentiveness battled my slackness.  Normally I have this rule when I eat out that I don’t order anything that I can make myself.  Since I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen this really only eliminates a couple of items.  Spaghetti is technically the only constant on my list.  Even I can make spaghetti.  Maybe not tasty but I can make it so I’m not going to order it when I eat out.

IMG_0118When I ordered a sandwich from Jimmy Johns and it came like this I thought this was pushing it a bit.  It looks like a sandwich I could make.  I probably wouldn’t but I feel like I could if I wanted to. So much guilt for a little sandwich but I persevered and ate it anyway.  But I have not ordered it again.

The point is even this lazy person has a limit on how lazy she’ll be.


4 thoughts on “Laziness Manifested

  1. Oh dear, that’s a very sad sandwich… you’d think someone could have made a bit more effort! Perhaps it’s a reflection on how well they treat their staff, or how little they pay them.

  2. Truth be told I’m one of them. I’m not big on food really. I eat to live but I’m definitely not a discerner of taste. I like my food fast and easy (and cheap but that’s asking a bit much).

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