A Marvel-ous Universe?


If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War by now I’m going to assume you couldn’t care less if I throw out some spoilers right now.  If you do mind and you just haven’t gone to it yet then read the previous post.

I have mentioned before but I’m going to declare it again – I really don’t like the infiltration of these comic book movies.  It annoys me that I now know the difference between DC and Marvel.  And I am irritated that I am now hooked until the bitter end with this saga and that the bitter end is being dragged out to two movies instead of one.

I have watched all three Captain America movies even though he isn’t my favorite.

I have watched all three Iron Man movies though I came to them late.  I think I watched them after the first Avengers.

I have watched all three Thor movies.  He was my favorite until the third installment when Jane Foster suddenly disappeared.

I have watched all the Spider Man movies even the newest one.

I have watched all the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

I watched the first two Avenger movies and prepared myself for some of the heroes to die in the third movie.  And I braced myself for that and expected to say goodbye to some Avengers.  I expected those that have hit their 3rd solo movie would be bowing out.  That would be okay because I’m getting a little tired of the complicated Marvel Universe and keeping all the story lines straight.

In short, I have invested a lot of time in the Marvel universe.  By now I know there is a formula to the story.  The heroes are going to lose, rally, then come back for an epic battle and win.

As the credits rolled for Avengers: Infinity War I felt annoyed and irritated as I waited for the final tag.  The feeling lasted for a few days afterward.  It is the same annoyance I get with a cliffhanger season finale and have to wait till the end of summer to see how it resolves.  Except, this time, I have to wait a year.

Here’s the thing, when a sequel comes out I usually like to watch the previous movies to refresh my memory of what is going on.  The Marvel Universe is so vast now I can’t do that.  I’d have to watch about 14 movies to prepare.  That is too much and I refuse to do it.

C’mon now, can’t we have a few stand-alone movies where I don’t have to keep track of intricate story lines that require more attention than I pay to my own life?  Of course, I will watch the final movie next year.  But then I might have to take a break from the Marvel Universe for a little bit.


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