The Feather

Backstory #1: years ago, I started finding feathers everywhere. It was shortly after my mom had passed away and someone had commented that a feather found means your guardian angel was nearby. Full disclosure: it was actually from a pillow that had seen better days and the feathers were stowing away on me and then dropping at various places. But, being the dreamer that I am, I like the whole guardian angel thought.

Backstory #2: I grew up in Wyoming. I learned to drive here. I am no stranger to winter road conditions. Although the older I get the less inclined I am to drive on such roads. But I have driven in poor road conditions on I-80 from Denver to Salt Lake. And then some.

Now for the story: I headed to Utah to attend the Reba concert Saturday night. My iPhone does not play well with my car so I had no GPS. I did not receive a warning about Parley’s Canyon. That is a stretch of road east of Salt Lake City. Basically it takes you over the Wasatch Mountain before dropping you down to the Salt Lake Valley.

Before getting to the Utah border though, there is a section of I-80 referred to as The Sisters. Three inclines that are usually the worst part of the drive if there is any hint of inclement weather. This particular drive, The Sisters were tolerable though so I did not take the Ogden turnoff to bypass Parley’s. The Ogden route would have added about a half-an-hour or so to the commute. I stayed on I-80. Although when I saw all the other traffic turn off I did get an ominous feeling.

Long story short, I should have turned off. This is not hyperbole to say Parley’s was one of the worst if not worst ever driving conditions I have ever experienced. Winter was alive and well that day.

To heighten my anxiety, I was not in the car alone. I had four precious passengers I needed to return to their families.

We made it to our destination safely though I was a bit shaken. My niece left a bit after us and went through Ogden and arrived at the same time as us. It was not a pleasant drive once we hit Park City. We were delayed. We slid. You get the idea. Even though the calendar said spring the Rockies said, “not so fast, there is still more winter to deliver.”

So, the next day while cleaning out my car, imagine how I felt to find a feather in the backseat. Yes, I would say my guardian angel was with us on that drive and I thank her!

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