Things that go bump in the night

I’m trying to sleep.

Sleep must come, it must come now.

But it won’t come

when there are noises soft but loud.


When the lights are off

the creaks and squeaks are heard.

In the dark stillness

they suddenly don’t seem absurd.


I am done for

because what else could it be

than the boogey man

out and coming for little old me.


So I muster courage

and I check on the creak.

The sound is in the bathroom,

nothing more than a sink with a leak.


Relieved for now

I climb back into bed

and shake the darn monsters

out of my sleepy head.


But it isn’t to be –

just as sleep once again nears

a different sound breaks in

and stirs up even more fears.


Take a deep breath,

and pull those protecting blankets tight.

Sleep is going to take a bit

on the particularly dark night.

© 2018 ck’s days

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