40 2 40: The end

40 2 40Forty-two days ago my sister calculated how far away my birthday happened to be.  And then she told me.  I think she thought I would be upset. You know, the whole, “Oh, woest me, I’m getting so old.”  It is, after all, my 11th 29th birthday.  That’s a big one.  I agree.  It is big.  I have never been this old before.

Instead, of bemoaning the inevitable though, I had an idea for a 40 2 40 party.  Since I would not be home for my birthday I decided to make the celebration last for forty days.  And anyone and everyone were invited to attend.

To join in the celebration, I just asked you do three things each day leading up to August 5th.  Choosing to do one, two, or all three.

Say thank you to someone.  Show gratitude every day.

Be brave.  Do something you have never done before.

Do a random act of service.  Be kind to someone.

How did I do?  I admit, I started to slack at the end.

I need to make up 5 days of gratitude.

For the most part though, I performed small acts of service that I hoped would help me not be so selfish.

The being brave challenge really came into play this last weekend.  But you will hear more about that next week.

If anyone joined me, even if it was only for part of the time, I sure would like to hear about it.

Thanks for joining me in my celebration.  Now help yourself to some cake.

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