General Conference thoughts: The Lord Leads His Church and Apart, but Still One

by President Henry B. Eyring and Elder Joni L. Koch

I wondered what I could write as a blurb for these two talks.  I will defer to an earlier post I wrote about the subject.  At least, it seemed like a good fit to me.

The opposite of sustaining is draining and nothing depletes a person’s resources quicker than not being sustained by those who said they would support that leader.  Not sustaining a leader can have a damaging effect on not only the leader but the congregation.  There is wisdom in the order of things.  However, when God’s order of things get pushed around someone will probably end up hurt and struggling.

Elder Koch’s talk demonstrated a perfect example on how to sustain leaders.  Quit complaining and learn how to edify.  Even our all-too human leaders doing the best they can.

The Lord Leads His Church

Apart, but Still One

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