New Book!

shorts coverI always fancied myself as a writer until I found out how much hard work it takes.  Not only does a writer have to worry about the logistics of writing but also that pesky connecting which has never been my strong suit.  If a story doesn’t engage a reader it’s probably not going to be read.  It may even be mocked.

This little blog of mine that I started almost 7 years ago has filled a need for me.  I can write to my heart’s content but I don’t have to worry about being good before I can share.  For someone with little patience, this has worked out quite well for me.   I realized in my seven year journey that even though I will probably always write I probably won’t always write well.  My stories leave a lot to be desired but that’s okay, I, along with my writing, am a work in progress.

That being stated, here is a compilation of my early efforts.  Short stories I pulled from my blog and put together in book form.  All because one person not bound by blood or even friendship liked one of my stories.  That’s all the encouragement it took folks.

Click here to order a copy!

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