Little Things that Bug Me So…

Can I just mention I don’t understand a song fade?  What is the purpose?  Why can’t the song just end?  Are we to believe the song is still going on and on somewhere like a line in geometry?  No, it ends.  It ended in the studio it should end on the radio.  Are they covering up a goof? What?  Why?  It makes no sense.

Where does it rank on my annoyance meter?

Way below Daylight Saving Time switch (I mean c’mon, why do we still do that to ourselves?).

Below mispronouncing my name.

Above being told “I just didn’t have time to…” Nobody has time.  You make time for the things you want to make time for.

About equal to open cupboard doors.  If no one is in the kitchen why do they need to be open?  They don’t.  Close them.

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