General Conference thoughts: Whatsoever He Saith unto You, Do It

by Elder L. Whitney Clayton

I like being able to see scripture stories and the people in them in a different light.  There is no doubt Mary, wife of Joseph, was a good person.  She is a person to emulate.  But to have the extra insight helps to recognize her special talents. 

Obedience is key in this life.  The trouble with me is I tend to talk myself out of doing certain things because I’m unsure of the source.  If I would just follow through on good things I’d be pretty safe.  There is no need for extra chatter in my head to talk me out of a good deed but it occurs.

Obedience tends to require movement and action.  Unless the action is to be still.  I hope to be a doer of the word!

Whatsoever He Saith unto You, Do It

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