As a writer, or someone who attempts to put thoughts into words that others can relate to, I admit I sometimes get a little jealous when I read or hear other’s works of art. I’m hoping this is a common problem and I’m not the only coveter in the mix seeing how the sin of coveting is so serious it merits a mention in the top 10 Commandments everyone is familiar with. There are just some writers out there that regularly make me take notice and I secretly – or not so secretly – wish I was the one who penned their words. This is an example of one of those times.

For some time, I’ve admired Pink’s lyrics. Lyrics are just poems set to music and tend to get a little more attention. Filter out the crudity and underneath lies a tender and poignant wordsmith. There have been a few times when I have thought, this is my underlying emotion. She is telling my story with different circumstances but our emotions are the same. In other words, there is a connection.

Then there’s this story. This has interested me from the start. Well known singer Celine Dion suffers a tragedy that did not respect her celebrity status. She lost both her husband and one of her brothers to cancer within two days of each other. I can’t imagine the sheer pain of that trial for her. I don’t want to imagine it.

Enter an unlikely character in this story. A girl named Alecia Moore, also known as Pink.

Pink and Celine Dion? I don’t really picture them as buddies or chums. Maybe but I doubt it. In an act of compassion, Pink reaches out to Celine sharing a song Pink wrote for her. It’s an act of, “I know you’re hurting and I don’t know how to help or make it better other than to share my talent and ability. Please accept this offering on your road to healing.”

That whole setup in itself caught my attention.

First, there is the pure emotion that comes through in Celine’s voice. As she describes it, “I want you to hear my soul, I don’t want you to hear my voice.” And she succeeds. Even if you didn’t know her story I think you would have to admit “this is someone who has walked the road she is singing.”

This video of the RECORDING SESSION OF RECOVERING is fascinating to watch. I wish there were subtitles so that I could understand the interview parts but there is enough English that I get the gist.

But the words also resonated with something deep inside me. This is where I’m at right now. Amazing that it describes my current journey so well and I didn’t even write them. Though I wish I did.

Recovering performed by Celine Dion

I am recovering

The faith of a child

By a part of my heart

I was reckless and wild

I am recovering

The hope that I lost

The part of my soul

That paid the cost

Little by little, day by day

One step at a time

Shake off the devil, oh

Take back my peace of mind

I am recovering

Anxiety addict

A broken perfectionist

Somewhat erratic

I am recovering

A constant regretter

Hold it against her

At least till forever

Little by little, day by day

One step at a time

Shake off the devil, oh

Take back my peace of mind

Hold me

As I fall apart, baby

Hold me

Here in the dark

‘Cause the old me

Run just as far as I could from my heart

Well, I’m going back to the start

Little by little, day by day

One step at a time

Shake off the devil, oh

Take back my peace of mind

Tell him I love him, yeah

Take back my peace of mind.

Written by Alecia Moore, Allen Shamblin, Tom Douglas • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

5 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. This is very interesting! 🙂 I’ve always loved Céline Dion, and her wonderful music and voice. And it must have been dreadful for her to lose two very dear people so close together, and all so much in the public eye. I felt quite tearful watching clips of her struggling not to cry at her husbands funeral with two little children holding her hands. I remembered how her album ‘Alive’ was released the same week my mother died. It was so beautiful, and really helped me heal from all the horrible situations that occurred with my mothers illness and death. It was strange to be watching her years later suffering the same through a PC screen. Kind of wish I could tell her how much her songs helped me. But can you imagine how much fan mail she gets?! I doubt she’d ever get to read it.

    I didn’t know about this song or that Pink had written her a song. I love Pink and her song lyrics too – vibrant lady! I know what you mean about reading something that you would love to have written, yes I have that too, but can’t say I feel jealous, more kind of “how do they do that, how can I change my writing.” I guess I react to something like that as more of a challenge. 🙂

  2. I would love to catch Celine’s show in Vegas sometime but…Vegas isn’t my scene so I can’t see going all the way there for just a show. I have other places I want to see first!

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