As a writer, or someone who attempts to put thoughts into words that others can relate to, I admit I sometimes get a little jealous when I read or hear other’s works of art. I’m hoping this is a common problem and I’m not the only coveter in the mix seeing how the sin of coveting is so serious it merits a mention in the top 10 Commandments everyone is familiar with. There are just some writers out there that regularly make me take notice and I secretly – or not so secretly – wish I was the one who penned their words. This is an example of one of those times. Continue reading

My afghan of many colors…

Perhaps you have read the story in the bible about Joseph’s coat of many colors?  True, it’s no Moses and the Red Sea parting but it’s still kind of famous.  There’s a Broadway play that borrowed it.  After including some songs, of course.  At least, I assume playwriters added the songs.  I can’t imagine anyone broke into song and dance in real life but I won’t guarantee it.  I wasn’t there.

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Beautiful Girl

Beautiful girl,
beautiful Jordyn.
Please realize
you are more than this world.
A gift from heaven.
A princess in disguise.
Beautiful girl,
beautiful Jordyn

You are loved. Oh, so loved.
Blessings like rain,
pour down from above.
Can you feel it? Can you hear it?
That warm loving feeling
comes from the spirit.

Remember your worth.
There is a job only you can do
While on this earth
Angels guide you, walk beside you.
Take care precious daughter.
I will protect you
if you wear your armor

Beautiful girl,
beautiful Jordyn.
Love and laughter
Are needed in this world.
You have many gifts
but continue to seek after.
You are my
beautiful girl,
beautiful Jordyn


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