New Book – The Accidental Poet Volume I

accidental poetIt only took a year and a half longer than I planned but my latest collection of poetry is now available.  I switched titles from the Few Words series to beginning the Accidental Poet series.  The new title reflects what I represent and who I am. It also doesn’t seem as stuffy as the previous title. Continue reading


As a writer, or someone who attempts to put thoughts into words that others can relate to, I admit I sometimes get a little jealous when I read or hear other’s works of art. I’m hoping this is a common problem and I’m not the only coveter in the mix seeing how the sin of coveting is so serious it merits a mention in the top 10 Commandments everyone is familiar with. There are just some writers out there that regularly make me take notice and I secretly – or not so secretly – wish I was the one who penned their words. This is an example of one of those times. Continue reading