The Queen’s Visit

“The Queen is coming,

she is coming here!

Get ready. Be prepared,”

the townspeople did cheer.

And come she did.

The Queen did come.

“Little people,” she said,

“listen to me now.

I will speak to you

and my word will wow.”

And she continued

the Queen spoke on.

“You must work hard

you dimwitted mob.

Because I am much, much

too valuable to do your job,”

she did not stop

the Queen did not shut up.

“So, get busy little ones,

I cannot do my work

and yours as well

when you decide to shirk.”

There was silence

and not a word was spoken.

Except for one,

a fair maiden raised her voice.

“Dear Queen, forgive me,

I am confused at your word choice”

All were shocked,

but none more than the Queen.

“I am not sure

whose job you think you do

but I guarantee

there is no need to.”

Not a peep or sound

except a small gasp from the Queen.

Perhaps if the Queen

focused on royal activity

then that would keep her

from reaching into another’s duty.”

The maiden was sure as dead

everyone knew that.

But the condescending Queen

needed to awake.

“We are too busy doing your job

while you eat our cake.”

That spunky maiden will be missed,

missed by everyone except the Queen.

© 2015 ck’s days


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