Thanks WYDOT

Due to being stuck in Utah over Mother’s Day weekend last year, I signed up for email alerts from Wyoming’s Department of Transportation.  You may wonder why and if you are currently wondering then I know you’ve never traveled in Wyoming before.  Have you?

Let’s just say, there is a chance sometime 9 months out of the year, sometimes more, that roads can be closed due to weather.  Big, important roads that might be needed to say…. evacuate if a Red Dawn situation arose.  Have you ever watched Red Dawn?  Both the original and the remake are enough for anyone to take notice of escape routes out of town.

But living in Wyoming, heading out on the highway is not always a good idea.  And sometimes it’s even illegal.

So I was sitting at work when I received this update.

The good news is – the approaching winter weather only affects I-80 between the Utah state border and the Nebraska state border.

For the geographically impaired, that’s the state of Wyoming.

In other words, it’s time to hunker down here in Wyoming.  See you in the summer!

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