My Spin in the DeLorean

If Doc showed up on my front step
in his DeLorean
I would not hesitate to take a spin
with the Flux Capacitor

First, I’d travel to when you were 24
pregnant with your first
and just lost your mom
and I’d hold your hand
and squeeze it 3 times.
Then I’d travel to when
you were 31
and pregnant with your third
and assure you that this girl
(yes, girl, so maybe think of a name soon)
you carry loves you so
but it will take some time
before the two of you
see eye to eye
but that’s okay
because you are already
and always will be her hero.
Next I’d journey to when you were 41
and just gave birth
to your fourth
and we’d share a laugh
because we are the same age but
our stories are so
very different.
Finally I’d visit you at 64
while you were volunteering
and I’d treat you to lunch and
I would just listen.
I know I can’t stay –
this me doesn’t belong at that time
so before I’d leave I’ll give you a hug
and a kiss on the cheek
and 3 hand squeezes
and then I’ll simply say
thank you.
It will be hard to leave
but harder to live through
your goodbye again
so I’d climb into the DeLorean
and hit 88 mph
and return home
without you.
Then I’d thank Doc
and maybe punch him
for inventing the
ever known.

© 2015 ck’s days

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