The iron-capade of ’15

This, unfortunately, is a true story.

It was time to do my weekly ironing. I went into the washroom and got the ironing board out and set it up in the living room.   I then went back to get the iron. No iron.

“Well, that’s the doggonedest darndest thing,” I said in not so many words. “Where can it be?”

Our wash machine keeps walking and it just had an episode last week where it tried to walk away.   This has been the cause for thing to get knocked off the shelf by the dryer (see detergent escapade). But if the iron fell it would have had to leap over the row of items next to it. Not a possibility though I looked several times.

“Perhaps somebody moved it when the wash machine started walking?” I looked around the room. “Where could it be?”

“Dad,” I called. “Can you come here?” I hope I said please but judging by my annoyance level at the time I’m sure I didn’t.  It was all I could do not to sound annoyed at whosever fault was messing my schedule up.

“Do you know where the iron is?” I asked.

“It’s not there?” he replied. “Hmmm, the rack (we use a rack to hang our clothes from the dryer on – it’s sort of a pre-staging area for ironing) fell the other day and knocked some things off the shelf,” he looked in the same place I just looked.

“But if it fell there,” I explained my train of thought, “it would have had to jump over this line of stuff to get there.” Does not seem likely.

“I’ll go turn on the top light,” he said. He turned on the top light but did not join me again in the search.

My mind raced with possible scenarios. “Surely somebody did not break into the house, come all the way down here, and leave with only the iron?” I was out of possibilities.

I went back into the living room and could smell heat. There on the ironing board was the iron, plugged in, and turned on.

So what I must have done is get the ironing board out and set it up. Then got the iron out and plugged it in and turned it on. Then went back into the washroom to get the iron out.


To help me not feel so bad my dad told me a story of one of his friends going out and starting the car then coming back in to look for the keys. Great. I am on par with my dad’s generation.

That did not comfort me at all.

2 thoughts on “The iron-capade of ’15

  1. If it makes you feel better, I’ll admit I’ve done crazy things like this too, and I know others who have. It is a bit alarming though, you could easily think some kind of dementia was developing – but it’s not! And it’s a bit of a mystery as to why and how someone perfectly healthy in mind can forget something they have just done. I remember many years ago in my early 20’s looking franticly for a hair clip that I tied my long hair out of the way with, and then catching site of myself in a mirror, seeing the hair clip already on my hair. My hair was pinned up, not hanging round my shoulders – how did I not notice that? It remains a mystery! 😐

  2. At least this happened in the comfort of my own home and I could control how I shared it! I’m glad I’m not alone in my senility but have good company 😉

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