I don’t cry over spilled milk. But I might cry over spilled detergent.

I went into the laundry room to put the sheets in the dryer.  Distractions had prevented me from attending to the switch earlier and it was now later in the evening.  The only thing I wanted to do was to put the sheets in the dryer and relax for the rest of the evening.  Fate had other plans for me.

Sometime during the wash, the wash machine quietly became off-balance.  Normally, I hear it when it happens but it succeeded being sneaky this time.  Apparently it jostled the dryer.  The dryer’s vibrations shook the small counter next to it.  This all apparently was too much for the laundry detergent to take. The detergent decided to end all the chaos and took a flying leap off the counter.  Well, probably not so much a flying leap as an awkward fall.  I blame the incorrigible spin cycle.

laundry guilty

Here’s the kicker that should earn me some sympathy:  I had just opened the brand new 1.64 gallon of Arm and Hammer detergent for that load.  1.64 gallons and most of it lay in a pool of blue on the floor.  “No, no, NO!” I moaned as if that would scare the detergent enough to jump back into the bottle. It did not work.  The bottle sat there surrounded by its former contents.  40% more!  The label declared in bold print.  “Oh dangme,” I resigned.

My evening plans changed.

Do you know how hard it is to clean up soap?  I tried mopping but I had to get fresh water after every mop rinse.  Paper towels worked okay but I went through a whole roll.  Cloth rags were my salvation.  But I tossed most of them out when I finished.  Mainly because I was afraid to throw them in the wash and have a sudsy mess to rival the mess on the floor.

My dad popped his head in while I was cleaning.   First he surveyed the situation and then he went to work.    Soon he crowded me out.  “Here, this way will work better.”  I had to agree.  Somebody else doing all the work while I watched was a better option for me.

Finally, we finished cleaning the noticeable blue pool.   Surely, that had to be it.  We moved the counter to check.  More blue looked back at us.  If ever an inanimate object could mock, this never-ending blue pool would have been a mocker. A mean mocker.  “Find me, now!”  It seemed to tease.  “Ha, ha, there’s more of me here!”

After we finished cleaning the additional pool of blue we knew we had to be done.  Surely, there could not be more.  I sent dad to his meeting.  After, I took the rugs outside and returned to the laundry room.  More blue seeped from under the dryer.  In the words of my friend, JJ, “Oh poop!”   I moved the dryer and washer.  And found more soap.  And a whole lot of lint.  What?  Have you seen behind your dryer lately?  I guarantee it’s not as pristine as you may think it is.

By the end of the evening I became a mess of lint and soap.  It looked like I had been the victim of some mild form of a tarring and feathering.  As if my tormentors were the sort of people who used swear words like dang and heck when upset.   All the emotion was there but not quite the punch.

On the plus side, the laundry room received an overdue cleaning.  And the whole house smelled laundry fresh.

laundry innocent

All cleaned up! Notice the culprit hiding in the back. There is a little bit of detergent left in it – a very little amount. Also notice it is now kept on the floor. It lost its counter privileges FOREVER.


7 thoughts on “I don’t cry over spilled milk. But I might cry over spilled detergent.

  1. We actually discussed mid-cleanup if this was worse to clean than a sewer backup. Of course, nothing compares to a sewer mishap but the fact we had to think about it for a second shows we were not having fun.

  2. Yeah, my dad is pretty awesome 🙂 and judging by the lint build up it was probably a blessing in disguise. You know, now that it’s cleaned up and all. I didn’t want to look on the bright side mid-clean. 🙂

  3. Had some stian remover spill like that…however, i didn’t see it in a pool on the floor becasue it was clear and I didn’t have my glasses on. I was going through my kitchen to the half bathroom as Mother Nature called. As I passed by the counter where the stain remover was on its side, I went “WHOOMP-BANG” onto my hard tiled floor. I thought I saw stars and had broken my hip. Thanks to God i didn’t….but I was surely sore for a few days.

    All slippery soapy products shoudln’t be so slippery. they can cause serious injury or a hot mess to clean up 🙂

  4. Oh no! I’m glad you’re ok. Yes, at least my spill was bright blue and mostly under appliances so I would have to try hard to have an accident on it. Even if they can’t make it easier to clean or safer when spilled – they should at least not make it clear! That’s kinda evil, really 🙂

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