I received my new, shiny iPhone 4 nearly 3 years ago.  I remember it well because it was also the day my grand-niece was born.  I’ve been fairly happy with the phone (and the niece though I don’t get to see her very often).  It has served it’s purpose with me.  There was the frustrating dilemma in mid ’14 when I learned you must plug your phone in before doing software updates.  A very valuable lesson indeed that everyone but me seemed to already know about.

I’ve dropped it a couple of times but nothing too serious.  The glass isn’t even cracked.  I could keep using it for sometime.

I could if the phone fates didn’t decide other things for me.

As I  sat in church on Sunday – now stay with me on this I have a good excuse to be looking at my phone in the middle of Relief Society – I received a text from my niece.  I expected the text because I asked her to keep me updated on her and her mom’s trip home to Utah.  It was the Sunday after Christmas and we were in the middle of a Wyoming winter storm.  I felt concern when my sister and her daughter took off an hour earlier to head for home.  I specifically asked Lyn to send me texts and let me know their whereabouts.  She complied beautifully.

However, the first text came and before I could respond my phone went dead.  Black screen.  Nothing.  I pushed the big round button.  I pushed the button on top.  I held it one in.  I pushed them together.


Now, some would say I, or my phone rather, was smitten for using it during church.  That’s not how it works.  That’s not how any of this works.

It was a coincidence.

I couldn’t get it to work when I arrived home.  After three years I figured it was time for an upgrade anyway.  I mean, when cell phones first came out I thought it was pretentious for anyone other than a doctor to have one.

Now, I can’t live without mine.  Well, I guess I could live.  I’d just be bored.  And I’d probably be so fidgety I’d drive everyone else crazy.  So, I upgraded to an iPhone 5C.  But it’s backordered.  So now I wait.

I learned I could go to Verizon and set up an automatic reply.  Anyone who texts me will get a response saying my phone gave up the ghost and to please email me.

And I waited.

I made it to 9:30 Sunday night and was so bored I picked up my phone one last time.  I pushed the buttons again and probably resembled Clark Griswold plugging in the lights that one last time.

The Apple icon appeared.  Yeah, but it did that with the software update mishap.  But eventually, slowly, my wallpaper appeared.  In short, my phone seems to be working again.

Oh well.  I figure this was my warning so I will wait for my upgrade.  Then I will put this phone in my drawer with my other photo albums.  I’m moving on up in the worlds.

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