Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winner

I don’t know about this.

Should I toss my hat in the ring?

I have a poor track record –

I’ve never won anything.


With this life ledger I keep

I tend to run in the red.

Never, ever in the black

always a step behind instead.


So, when they announced at work

we were having a contest

for the ugliest Christmas sweater

I didn’t lose any rest.


If I know the way my luck works

and after 41 years I oughta

I knew I didn’t stand a chance.

Not the slightest iota.


But still…


What if I tried?

Just a little effort and not too much.

So when I lose

I wouldn’t care about such and such.





Why not?


Ten minutes of effort

is all I put into it.

No more, no less

I’m not in it to win it.


My attire was pathetic

so imagine my surprise

when my name was called

as the winner of the prize.




I don’t know what to say that’s for sure

because this business is a first for me –

taking home the box of chocolates

that served as the winner’s trophy.

© 2014 ck’s days





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