My quest for the elusive Grilled Stuft Nacho

It started with this commercial:

played ad nauseam.  Until finally I noticed and thought, “Hmm, a stuffed nacho?  That sounds kinda good.  I think I want to try it.”

Only $1.29?  I can afford to share the deliciousness.

Attempt number one.  I pulled up to the drive thru window and ordered.

“I’m sorry,” came the reply, “we are all out of our ingredients to make this until tomorrow.”  This occurred about 4:00pm.

Fine.  I backed out.  I really wanted a Stuft Nacho so I’d be back.  And I didn’t want to suffer TBS (Taco Bell Syndrome) twice.  Plus, I’m too smart to fall for the old bait and switch.   I went to Taco Time instead and spent $15 for dinner.

Attempt number two happened two days later at five pm with the same results.  Luckily, I was able to back out again.   I spent another $15 at Wendy’s for dinner.

This quest for the $1.29 nacho was going to bankrupt me.

How does a place that makes tacos run out of ingredients during suppertime?  The nachos are made of meat, cheese, and all the stuff that should be found in a place with the word taco in the title.  How does a place like that run out of ingredients for its main industry?

I went to work lamenting my situation.  A co-worker took pity on me and stopped at Taco Bell while she was at lunch at 11:00am.  And?  And?  Success on attempt number three.

stuft nachoHow was it?  Very good.  Tasty.  I’d order another one but it’s really too much of a hassle. Besides that, I’m broke.

Do I recommend it?  Sure.  If you can get one.


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