Why Certain Chairs, uh, Rock

I could not get to sleep,

I could not sleep, boo-hoo-hoo.

I could not get to sleep

so after night number two

I went to extremes

I dug out my old rocking chair

from storage in the extra room

I kinda keep old clothes there.

I pulled it out

to the middle of the living room

and wrapped up in blankets

hoping sleep would come soon.


it’s a rather old chair


rocking away my care.


am I asleep yet?


still awake I fret.


c’mon sleep




I pray my soul to keep


if I ever fall….

© 2013 ck’s days

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7 thoughts on “Why Certain Chairs, uh, Rock

  1. Ah, lovely! Here in the Rocky Mtn desert we don’t have a lot of trees – sagebrush yes, trees no. It would be kind of hard to tie hammocks from sagebrush 🙂 Plus, we only have 3 months of pleasant outdoor weather a year. Guess I’ll have to stick with rocking chairs 😉

  2. I just tried imagining someone tying a hammock to a sagebrush…. maybe a scene from a Mel Brooks movie 😀

    There are actually some (maybe more than I think) houses that have those hammock’s tied inside 🙂 Rocking chairs are the standard though… we have two in our house… well, one outside (on the porch) and one inside 🙂

  3. When I think of hammocks I think of lazy summer days…until my friend flips me and I end up on the ground trying to catch my breath 🙂
    A rocking chair on a porch? That’s what every home needs!

  4. This sounds like one of my bad nights! I have a rocking chair too, but it’s in the bedroom and the computer is in the living room. The computer wins, I prefer to be lulled into sleep by something or other on there. Although sometimes it actually keeps me awake – that’s when the rocking chair comes in handy! 😀

  5. This was a rather stressful week and it passed. I’m doing better now.
    I can’t watch tv or use the computer at night or I’ll never get to sleep. Just a couple of days ago I put my phone on do not disturb between 10pm-7am because I received an email at 11 and I stayed up till after 2! So, no more. I’m trying to power down at 9:00 so that I can fall asleep quicker. Once I’m asleep I’m okay – it’s just getting there sometimes…

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