I could do that. Possibly. Maybe. Maybe not.

On Monday (seems like a year ago) I shared my secret childhood career goal.  Actually, I shared two.

Today I will share my adult career goal.  It also contains a warning or a word of wisdom to the younger generation.

My dream job would to be a part of the Mythbuster family.  How cool would that be?  Show up to work and try to debunk modern myths?  Coolest.  Job.  Ever.

There’s just one small problem.  One little hiccup in the get-up.  I stink at science.  This leads to the word of wisdom to you young-uns:  Science can lead to cool careers.  Pay attention in school.  Learn stuff.  The boring stuff.  The stuff you don’t think will come in handy later.  It does.  And it pays better than (oh say) data entry jobs where you are stuck in front of a computer all day while your soul is sucked out bit by bit into the monitor.  Just sayin.

It’s kinda too late for me.  If I had a job at Mythbusters I could smile and nod at the explanation.  But when they start describing how they are going to test the theory, well, that’s where I get a bit lost.  I still could smile and nod, mind you, but that’s about it.  In other words, if Mythbusters decided to hire me today I’d be nothing more than eye candy.  A smile.  A nod.  And I’d be impressed with every trick they pulled out from their sleeve.

So, if they are looking for a Vanna – I’m that girl.  If they are looking for a smarty pants to actually explain science stuff – eh.  Guess it will be me and data entry for the rest of my life.


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