My birthday road trip: day 6 (heading back)

August 8: Time to head back.  Unless I can make a living out of being a nomad.  No, don’t think so.  Have to head back today.

At the start of the week, I unwisely boasted I could visit 6 states in one week.  As of this morning, I had only collected 3 “Welcome to [insert state]” signs.  In order to meet my goal, I had to cross over into Kansas on the way out.

Last Friday while discussing my itinerary, I mentioned to someone my plan to go into the Kansas side of Kansas City (mainly to collect my state sign but I left that part out).

The person I confided this to sized me up.  “I wouldn’t.  I’ve been there before and there are some sketchy places you do not want to get lost in on the Kansas side.”  She quickly added, “You’ll be fine if you stay on the Missouri side.”

I sized her up.  If she considered a place “sketchy” I thought it in my best interest to heed her warning.

State #4.  Believe you me, this counts!!

State #4. Believe you me, this counts!!

I was disappointed.  But last night I had an idea.  Kansas is a big state, is it not?  Couldn’t I cross at another point and get my sign?

Easier said than done.  I’m still not sure how it happened but I lost about an hour.  I won’t go into detail because I really can’t.  Let’s just say, I’m very thankful for my map app on my phone.  Even though I swear it may have messed with me a little bit today by moving my dot around to different locations.

For the life of me I could not find a “Welcome to Kansas” sign.  But I found a sign that had the word Kansas in it to prove that I visited the state.  By that time, it worked for me.  I followed my blue blip on my app and got back on I-29 vowing not to deter again.  Well, not until tomorrow when I need to collect my Colorado sign.

And then I drove.  And drove.  And drove.

Winter Quarters Temple

Winter Quarters Temple

Up to Omaha.  Past Omaha to the Winter Quarters Visitor’s Center.  I enjoyed another one person tour and had to pay attention again.  Those sister missionaries insist on asking follow-up questions.

IMG_1120I asked another question no one else ever had.  That makes three.  At the Waggoner museum I asked about the altitude of Missouri (about 1,000 feet).  At the Trail Head Museum I asked what the main industry of Independence is (it’s basically a suburb of Kansas City), and today I asked if Omaha was already established when Winter Quarters came into existence.  I still need to look that one up.

And then I drove.  And drove.  And drove.  And drove.

Along I-80.  I swear Nebraska grew longer this week.  It didn’t seem quite as long last weekend.

Finally, I pulled into the Gothenburg KOA at 7:00.The guy at the desk is very friendly and not in any hurry.  It’s a pretty place.  It also has the distinction of being the first KOA I’ve ever stayed at this time of year with not one biker.  Plenty of families though.

Non-ookie trail

Non-ookie trail

Thursday at 7:30 video

I did not realize at first that it was hooked up.  This made me so happy!

I did not realize at first that it was hooked up. This made me so happy!

A KOA novelty: it does have a tv in the cabins.  I saw it when I first walked in but didn’t think it was hooked up to cable.  But thankfully it had cable!  This proved to be most convenient since I am traveling all by my lonesome.  Although, I’m not too fond of the movie choice.  On the KOA pamphlet I received at check-in there is a “What to do in the event of a tornado” section.  The movie on ABC Family?  Twister.


My security system seemed less effective in the cabin....

My security system seemed less effective in the cabin….

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