I’m not a critic.  But I do enjoy going to the movie theater.  I tend to go to a matinee usually by myself.  Despite what popular culture leads us to believe, going to a movie is not really conducive to a date or group setting.  You can’t talk and get to know each other.  And popcorn wreaks havoc on the breath.  So, I like to go alone.

I went to see White House Down a couple of weeks ago.  This movie didn’t make a deep enough impression for me to remember to write a blog about it the following week.  The plot involved something about the President of the United States and some inside baddies with one Channing Tatum to save the day.  Really, that’s enough to know about that one.  But one of the previews before the movie was for R.I.P.D.  That looks really stupid, I thought.

ripd-posterThen the big media push for it came on television the following week.  By opening day my tune changed to, it might be kind of funny.  So, I went to see it Friday afternoon.  I bought my small Dr. Pepper (ah, worth the price of admission right there) and small popcorn (which together cost more than my ticket).

If you are planning on seeing R.I.P.D. please stop reading right now.  Or at least, skip to the very last line.  There will be huge spoilers and I don’t want you upset with me.

About five minutes into the movie I remembered something very important.  Ryan Reynolds bugs me.  I’m sure he is a nice enough guy but I personally don’t think he can act.  He more reacts to the script than anything. I swear every role I’ve seen him in has been the same character.

Oh yeah!  If only I had thought of that sooner I could have saved me some money.  But I did get a Dr. Pepper out of the deal so I was okay with it.

The theater was a little too quiet.  Even during the jokes.  That’s what happens when the funniest parts of a movie are used for the previews.  All in all, it wasn’t a terrible movie and I think it has the potential to grow on me.  You know, when it is relegated to its monthly FX viewing and long after I forget about the previews.  I predict I’ll watch it on television.  And I may even appreciate it.  I think.

The premise is a tricky one.  The main character dies shortly after the opening credits.  He dies after making a very serious error in judgment and before he can rectify the situation.  Yes, he is a good guy and yes, he made a very serious mistake.  But he can use the excuse “the devil made me do it.”  Almost literally.

The winding up scenes made me nervous.  The one thing I don’t like about this type of premise is the forced happy endings.  Oh, the character isn’t really dead.  He’s just sleeping. And now he’s awake and oh – happy day!


Or that tender moment when the dead person can speak to the living and gain closure for both.


In my experience, that veil between life and death is pretty final.  There are no second chances to say what needs to be said.  I just don’t like those kinds of scenarios.

So, why did I go see this movie, again?

Everybody sees Ryan Reynolds character as a little Chinese guy and Jeff Bridges as a sexy blond.  Now, that’s funny.  Plus, Mary-Louise Parker does a great job with her character and manages to salvage the movie.

This movie did delve into the whole ghost and human tête-à-tête.  But by that point in the storyline it is forgivable.  After all, it is just a movie so why tarnish the character’s reputation?  It did make me a little nervous when it headed to a happily ever after ending.  Albeit with a twist.  It veered from that path though.  And I appreciate that.

When all is said and done, do I recommend it?  Yes.  On Red Box.

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