Home again

A day after her 18th birthday

she decided she had to get away –

she couldn’t ignore the dreams anymore.

So she taped a note to the door

and it said –

Thank you mom and dad

for everything I ever had.

But the time has come

I just need to run

and see the world on my own.

I will come back home

just as soon as I make it and then

I will see you again.

Ten years later and well acquainted with regret

bound by the note she just can’t return home quite yet.

At night she still dreams in her heart

but the world has torn her dreams apart.

Day after day, she keeps trying to win

so that she can see her parents again.

She doesn’t realize that her last dream will never be known –

instead of her father’s warm embrace there is only a cold stone.

© 2013 ck’s days

* written in 1994


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