I gave it up for lint

I first heard it in grade school.

No thanks, you can keep your lint.

No thanks, you can keep your lint.

“I’m giving [insert favorite vice here] for lint,” my Catholic friends said.

I was confused.  What is lint and why would someone give something up for it?

In true CK fashion, I did not ask my friends any questions.  I went with the flow hoping I’d catch the boat downstream.  Some things never change.  My method of waiting sometimes pays off but usually does not.  In this case, it did not.

I went home and asked my mom, “What’s lint?”

“The stuff that comes out of the dryer,” she replied.

This would have been a good time for a follow-up question.  But in true CK fashion, I tried connecting the dots on my own.  Now that I knew what lint was, my question remained.  Why would someone give up [insert favorite vice here] for that?  It seemed rather odd.  I was sure glad I’m not Catholic.  What would I do with all that lint?

Since I only asked myself the question I had no answer to give.  I grew up thinking that once a year Catholics gave up favorite vices for the stuff that comes out of the dryer.

Until I discovered they do not give up sins for lint but for Lent.


One letter sure makes a huge difference.


2 thoughts on “I gave it up for lint

  1. A very amusing story!! 🙂 I used to mix-up or mishear words like this when I was a child too! I can’t remember what a lot of them were now, but there were quite a few strange misunderstandings over words. I seem to have recovered now!
    Suzy 😀

  2. I’m glad you recovered 🙂 I am hard of hearing now (you know, it really stinks getting older) so my mis-hearing adventures continue. Okay, well, sometimes I’m just not listening…
    Thanks for the comment and for stopping by 🙂

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