Tonight’s Prayer

Here I am feeling sorry for myself again

wondering if my trials will ever end

or if I will ever win.

I don’t know the next step or what to do

I’m so tired of always having to lose

so I’m on my knees again

getting ready to plead again

asking to be smarter than I am again.


My faith is in doubt

but before the plea comes out

without any explanation

my prayer moves in a new direction

I’m surprised by my exclamation.

Instead of asking what I should do

The only thing I utter is Thank You.

A list forms in my mind

of everything I call mine

that I’ve been given over time.

At first, I wasn’t totally with it

then my heart opened bit by bit.

Turns out I was wrong

my list is quite long

and I go on and on.

I list all that I’m thankful for

and I do not ask for more.

And now, I must confess

I truly have been blessed

my weary heart found rest.

A new feeling grows inside of me

and I fall asleep peacefully.


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