The Line of Disbelief

There is a line for us.  A line we just will not cross.  It is the line of disbelief.   The line is at varying lengths depending on the individual.  For example, I think my dad’s line is just barely past his nose.  If we put in a movie with any green guys or ugly monsters, it’s a safe bet he’s out of there.  My sister NJ’s is a little farther out but she reached it the other night.

We were watching Lois and Clark.  What?  I already confessed I watch it on Sunday evenings.  Anyway, we watched Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman.  She giggled.  “This episode is just silly.”

Really?  Superman silly?  What could possibly have instigated her comment?

Was it the premise of a strange visitor on our planet?  No.

Possibly the fact that Superman had the most eclectic super abilities? No. But come on! His powers seemed to fit whatever jam Lois and Clark got into that week.  He used the following abilities to escape various escapades: a heated laser stare, icy breath, being very strong, bulletproof, fast as lightning, and, of course, he could fly.

How about the whole idea of an effective disguise being a pair of glasses? Nope.  Although he did slick back his hair, too.  That helps.

The bad acting? Na-uh.   The chemistry between the stars made up for the lack of talent.

Could it have been the bright blue suit and red cape? Nada.

NOW it’s silly.

So, what exactly was it that pushed NJ over the edge?  It was the episode in which the guest villain had no body and only a head.  He wanted a body transplant (courtesy of Superman, of course).  Until then, he rode around in a box and used his head to steer.  That just went too far for NJ.

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