The (no longer) New Adventures of Superman

Thanks to the latest channel realigning, my tv now gets a station called HUB.  It appears to be another rerunistic network offering “classics” like the Wonder Years and Sliders.  Yep, you read that right, Sliders.  Don’t remember that one?  A little IMDb digging reminded me it had Jerry O’Connell in it (Rebecca Romijn’s hubby after John).  You do remember it?  Put the remote down and get off the couch once in awhile.

HUB also offers Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman in a block on Sunday evenings.  When it originally aired, my sisters and I watched it every Sunday evening on ABC.  For me, it was one of those, ooh, can the week go any slower?  I need my Superman, Superman, Superman fix!  Followed by, is this the week Lois will realize she loves Clark?  For three seasons I watched and waited.  Whenever a show catches my fancy, I write my own episodes that air only in my head.  So many times and in so many ways I had Lois and Clark get together much faster than the writers did.

But it finally happened.  Lois not only figured out Clark was Superman but that she loved both identities of the man.  One whole moment of ahhh.  And then the show fizzled for me (beware Castle).  I more or less forgot about it until last month when I discovered it on HUB.

I’m not going to lie.  The first time I watched it was a little painful.  I text my sister, MZ. 

True, Dean Cain is not the best actor but he has an appeal that still sucks me in.  Apparently.  Since he’s been relegated to Hallmarkdom, I think I have sat through every movie he’s been in. And I always have the same comment, “Why am I watching this?”

We always wondered how a pair of glasses could be such an effective guise that Lois and cohorts didn’t make the obvious connection.  But now I think I understand.  After all, the glasses seemed to effectively hide bad acting.  So, maybe the ruse could have happened.

A couple of things surprised me when I IMDb’d the show.  First, it is nineteen years old.  I’d appreciate if you didn’t do the math to discover how old I was when I swooned over it.  And second, someone in the web world described it as a classic.  A classic?  Lois and Clark?  Cheesy, yes.  Silly, yes.  Brightly colored, yes.  But a classic?  Define classic.

All that being said, here’s my confession: I have watched it on the HUB every Sunday evening I’ve been home.

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