Welcome to Wonderful, Windy Wyoming!

Here’s a little secret:  Wyoming can be quite windy sometimes.  Okay, most days.  If you ever meet a Wyomingite out-of-state, you might have to catch us when we fall.  We tend to lean into the wind when we walk. If there’s no resistance, we just topple over.  Yes, I made that up.  Sorta.

A friend recently visited out-of-state relatives.  She was warned, “It’s been a bit windy here.”  She laughed when she stepped out of the car and felt what she referred to as “a breeze.”

We live on a hill and our front yard serves as a fishing net pool for wind-blown garbage.  The other day, however, was a first.

I came up the stairs and saw this out the back door.  “What is that?” I asked.

We went out to investigate.  It was a perfectly set-up pup tent hanging out by the back door.

I didn’t even know where to begin to find the owner.  I crawled inside to see if there were any clues.  No clues but there was a small package of Oreos in the pocket.  “That’s not helpful at all.”  I placed the cookies back in the pocket.  I walked around to the front of the house to see if there were any forlorn children looking like they were missing a tent.  There were none.  I went back to the backyard and saw some children jumping on the trampoline at the house across the alley.  If the tent came from their yard it would have had to been airborne.  How awesome would that be!  A flying tent.  I hollered over the fences and asked the children if they were missing a tent.  Without missing a jump, they answered negative.  They thought I was crazy.  Shucks!  No Wizard of Oz flying tents here.

It must have come from the front.  But how far did it travel?  I put it in the garage for the night to keep it safe.  The next morning before I left for work, I put it in my front yard.  Hopefully, the owner is near and will pick it up.  As I pulled out of the yard I noticed a slight breeze had blown it across the grass and it nestled by the lilac tree.  “I hope the owner finds it soon,” I said to myself.

Nine hours later, when I pulled into my driveway, the tent was gone.  I quickly scanned the neighborhood.  It was across the street by the new neighbors house safe and secure.  Of course!  Since they recently moved in, I forgot about their children.

What I’m still trying to figure out is how it got between my car and the house – without tearing.  If only we could harness this near magical Wyoming wind for good!

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