Bad Luck (a real silly poem)

Gather around,

and sit on down,

listen to a little ditty

all about a city

which was wiped out,

ain’t no doubt.

Except for one,

who decided to have fun

she jumped in her car to look around,

and took off like a speedy downtown.

Not a soul to be seen,

she felt just like a queen.

It all belonged to her!

She turned a corner,

while enjoying her fun,

and son-of-a-gun,

she ran into the other last person in town.

Now NOBODY is around.


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6 thoughts on “Bad Luck (a real silly poem)

  1. I have no idea! Between a vacation last weekend and getting hit with allergies I’ve been too tired to write. So I borrowed from my poems I wrote way-back-when when I worked at a movie theater. I wrote poems on napkins when I’d get bored. That was a long answer to say I don’t know! Thanks for reading – glad you liked it.

  2. No. I used to write a lot but stopped writing poetry because I became frustrated at my limitations. One night, I had writer’s block and couldn’t write a blog. I threw an old poem in and received my biggest response. That’s why I started writing poetry again – though I’m never comfortable sharing. So, another long answer to say no.

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