If I Saw You Tomorrow: Grandma T & Grandma L

As I sit here studying your picture,

Thoughts race through my mind.

I try to imagine what your life

Was like, when your light shined.

Are we built the same? Did you have the same thoughts that I do?

Are we anyway alike? Do we have the same attitude?

Often, when the going gets tough, I think of you.

I let your image slip in and it helps me through.

And since we’ve never met, my dreams flow free,

I wonder how our first meeting would be.

It has been such a long time since you left me behind in this world.

I can still remember it although I was just a young girl.

Through my naive eyes all I could see was an old lady.

I had no idea what was behind your shell of a body.

A history so deep that I was unaware of,

But I realize now how life works and I truly love

The woman rocking in her chair, ending her story

That started long before I was around and knew of her glory.

If I was told I would see you tomorrow,

Would I be concerned with the time we’ve missed, and be filled with sorrow?

Or would I be thankful for the day we have to share

That as long as we’re together, I wouldn’t really care?

Maybe I’d steal more time, or at least try to borrow

If I could see you tomorrow.

I ask myself the question over again,

Can a person you’ve never met be your friend?

Two young women growing up different ways

I can only dream I knew them in those days.

When mortality was given hardly a thought,

And if I could, I’d never let them get caught.

If I could see them tomorrow.


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