My Europe Road Trip: Part IV – The Netherlands

The Netherlands (aka Holland)

I’m going to show my ignorance but before this trip I did not realize The Netherlands = Holland. I learned it right before we left when I was looking over my itinerary and tried to figure out when we were going to be in Holland since it wasn’t listed. Continue reading

My Europe Road Trip: Part I – The Trip Begins

The invitation

GK and I had been visiting teaching partners for about 10 years. But then we were split up and assigned to other partners. From time to time, we try to do lunch or dinner together to catch up. It was at one of those catch up dinners in January 2017 when she invited me to go to Europe. Continue reading

‘Twas the night before vacation…

The night before vacation was rather busy. After work I ran a few errands including grocery shopping.   While at the store I text my dad and asked if he had already eaten dinner. He replied he was having another “spell” and didn’t feel like eating. I took a deep breath.

His “spells” have been troublesome for some time now. People ask what they involved. All I could tell them is it appeared to be some kind of lower stomach pain. Lately it culminated in him becoming sick and cleansing whatever it was out of his system.

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2012 Birthday Road Trip: Recap


Ah, another birthday.  Another year older.  NOT! So says the 90’s comeback.  Thanks to my annual birthday road trip, another birthday could not find me.  I am still twenty-nine and holding.  Oh yeah, I’m sticking to that theory even if it is without proof.

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During My Absence…

I’m running away.  Heading for the hills. But just for the week. 

Monday morning I’m going to the Uinta Mountains with five other leaders and nine young women (yes, yes, I know that’s a high ratio of leaders to girls).  We will spend a week hiking, listening to inspirational talks, laughing, crying (in a good way), feeling the Spirit, learning gospel principles, and so much more.  And we will do all this without one single campfire (take that Boy Scouts!).  Fires are still banned here in Wyoming.  But that’s okay; it will be a great week anyway.  It’s always a highlight of my summer and a great opportunity to get to know the young women and other leaders in our ward. 

One of the perks of Girls’ Camp is it allows me – or forces me – to be sans technology.  No cell phones, iPads, iPods, computers, etc. are allowed (leaders do have cell phones for emergencies but we have to go up the hill to get service.  No Verizon,  I can’t hear you now). 

I could have been ambitious and wrote a few blogs ahead.  But ambition has never been my strong suit.  Instead, we’ll do a retro-ck’s days next week.   So, if you’re reading something and it sounds familiar, you’re not going crazy (unless you want to be). 

Enjoy your week and I’m sure you’ll get a full report when I get back.  Eventually.