hey why don’t we go fishing?

You fish

and I’ll sway in a hammock nearby

and read a library book

nothing that will teach

something that will make me laugh

but I won’t remember later.

I’ll sway in a hammock

by the river

while you fish.

I’ll read

you fish.

I’ll read

and maybe I’ll close my eyes.

You fish

I’ll snooze

and I won’t think of daily steps

or check my phone once.

I’ll close my eyes

while you fish.

I’ll let the river float my worries

float them to the ocean

where a whale can eat them

and I won’t get them back.


I’ll sway in the hammock

forget about time

feel the sun on my skin

and my heartbeat in my chest.

I’ll read

maybe close my eyes

and you,

you will fish.

©2021 ck’s days

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