December 2, 2017

IMG_0127.JPGThere are certain days on the calendar that are marked for celebration or remembrance.  Usually we think of them as happy days but sometimes they are quiet days of reflection.  December 2 became a marked day for me in 2011 when mom passed away.   Every December 2nd since then I have remembered, reflected, and some things I try to forget.  I have tried various ways to spend that day to help get through the 24 hours.  One year I bore my testimony.  One year I tried to do an act of service.  I just try to find some small way to do something mom would be proud of. Continue reading

The Thing About Fall Is… Grand Tetons Wyoming
Grand Tetons Wyoming

The thing about fall is…

I used to love it

Was it the spectacular colors?

Was it the change in the air?

Was it school starting?

I don’t know.

But it used to fill me with excitement.


The thing about fall is…

I don’t like it now

Is it because everything dies?

Is it because it is the end of summer?

Is it because of the cold?

I don’t know.

But it now fills me with dread.


The thing about fall is…

I think of you often

Is it because in September I’m more aware?

Is it because October is your birthday?

Is it because another holiday season is approaching without you?

I don’t know.

But I’m a little more blue in the fall.

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