December 2, 2017

IMG_0127.JPGThere are certain days on the calendar that are marked for celebration or remembrance.  Usually we think of them as happy days but sometimes they are quiet days of reflection.  December 2 became a marked day for me in 2011 when mom passed away.   Every December 2nd since then I have remembered, reflected, and some things I try to forget.  I have tried various ways to spend that day to help get through the 24 hours.  One year I bore my testimony.  One year I tried to do an act of service.  I just try to find some small way to do something mom would be proud of.

This year my monthly temple trip happened to fall on December 2nd.  I didn’t plan it; it just worked out that way.  Normally, my monthly trips are solo and I have about 200 miles to ponder and plan and daydream and decide what to do next.

However, my brother, sister in law, and dad decided to join me for this trip.  The four of us traveled to Vernal and had a very nice day.

So on that day that reminds me of the limits of mortality and how nothing in this life is permanent I was reminded that families are eternal.  I am thankful for that perfect moment.

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