Changing the Narrative

Meeks Cabin, Uinta County, Wyoming

We can’t always control the events in our life. Sometimes we are mere players. What we are told and reminded of is we can control our reaction to events. Easier said than done. It may feel at times that we are swept downstream in a fast moving river and our reactions are little more than instinct. If that is the case and our reaction comes before we have time to think maybe we have to revisit the situation and if possible change the story. It is our story, after all, we are in charge of the narrative. Sometimes we need to do a rewrite, an edit. We revisit the pain in order to find beauty. We change the narrative.

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J’s Story

Have you ever been told something that you’re not quite sure if it’s true?  Ever?  Years later you still retell the story (because it is a good story) and there’s always an edge of doubt to your voice.  You are always compelled to attach a disclaimer with the events just in case the audience won’t believe you.  Then you can say, “Yeah, I don’t think it could happen either,” and not sound so gullible.  It happens to me quite a bit.

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