Did You Know They Took the Word Gullible Out of the Dictionary?

My boss recently gave a co-worker two stickers for a job well done.  It was in done in jest, of course.  Two smiley-face stickers my co-worker stuck on the collars of her shirt.  The co-worker pretended to be indifferent but there was a little swag in her step that day.

“No one ever pays me in stickers,” I whined as homage to the Trident Layers commercial.   The joke fell flat.  But the sentiment was heard.

The next day when I arrived to work, my computer monitor was wrapped with cellophane with every sticker in my boss’s arsenal stuck on it.  That was pretty good.

The truth is I like pranks.  I especially like pulling them.  When another co-worker left for vacation, I turned everything at her work-station upside down.  Memos on the bulletin board.  Pictures in their frames.  The calendar. 

When another co-worker left on vacation, I switched the contents of her drawers around.  That one was pushing it a bit because she is a supervisor.  That was the last prank I pulled at the office.

But my brother and I have a pretty good give-and-take.  When I returned home from my mission, I found flyers hanging in our small local airport with a picture of me.  The picture was an unflattering pose of me in a dryer.  The gist of the caption had me looking for a date.

Don’t worry.  It took a few years but I returned the favor.  I superimposed his teenage photos into several scenes from famous movies and television shows (he was in Peter Brady’s square for the Brady Bunch).  That was posted on a web-site and I sent the address to all his friends in church.  Good times.  Good times.

It’s time for a good prank.  As long as I don’t fall for one first.  As much as I love teasing you’d think I’d be pretty discerning.  Nope.  I’m about as gullible as they come.  Embarrassingly so. 

So you see, I must pull a doozy of a prank.  And I need a target.  I’m open to suggestions.

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