Fishing for Complements!

clipart via the web

clipart via the web

Now it’s time for a round of
Fishing for Complements!

How about some complimentary complements? That’s right folks, complEments (to make whole or complete).

One 45 degree angle said to another: we’re so right together!
One 90 degree angle said to another: you are my straight and narrow!
One 180 degree angle said to another: I came full circle because of you!
The noun said to the verb: you complete me!
The tree said to the branch: I’m naked without you. Don’t ever leaf me!
The car said to the gas: you move me!
The glass said to the water: you fill me up!
The status said to the like: I felt so unseen before you!
The day said to the sun: you light up my life!
The sentence said to the exclamation point: you’re my perfect ending!

Wow! Those are really bad. Can you do better?

Fun with English

Oh, the English language.  With all its intricacies, I would not want to be a late-comer to learning English.  With all of the rules and exceptions to rules, there are persistent rumors that it’s the hardest language to learn.  According to, that is an exaggeration. It didn’t even crack the top 10 hardest.  Still, I have to admit, it is quirky.  With the blend of so many nationalities, it’s become a smorgasbord of language.  In honor of my native tongue, I am going to have some fun with English.  Please keep in mind, I’m not an English major so the joke might be on me.

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