Draggin’ the Elephant

I’m not fit.  I admit it.  I used to at least walk five nights a week but I gave it up when I discovered my bad cholesterol never budged.

But I have excuses.

First, my legs are thislong.  But there are other shorties out there walking and even part of the swisher crowd (what’s the swisher crowd?  Check out a female jogger with her hair pulled back into a ponytail).

Second, my asthma makes me feel like… well, when I’m walking an elephant can’t exactly sit on my chest, now can it?  It’s like an elephant blocks my way.  No, that’s not right.  That would just stop me cold.  It’s more like I’m dragging and elephant behind me.  There’s a lot of heavy breathing involved and I get lapped.  A lot.

Third, ever since I spent my year on Paxil, I get vertigo.  One might not have anything to do with another but I can’t even ride a bike anymore. And anytime I’m on uneven surfaces I have to slow down even more.  So, basically snails lap me by this point.

Why am I bringing all this up?

Because I am going on a hike.  With other people.  Fit people.

I tried to get out of it but there was sound logic behind the invite.

To make a long story short, I need to know this area for next year.  Yep, I’m the only hope.  Yeah, that makes me nervous too.  That never works out so well.

So, I am practicing.  I went to the college yesterday and walked around the naturalistic track twice.  Yes, I was lapped by the college track team, an acquaintance, and several older couples.

Today, my allergies have made me miserable.  I just took some Benadryl.   So this post might end abruptly.

Here are some pictures from my walk yesterday.

IMG_1496 IMG_1497 IMG_1498


One of my favorite views of the older part of town. See my house? It’s there on the right 😉

IMG_1500 IMG_1501


Young Women Camp 2013

This is normally the post I use to describe my week at Young Women camp.  I describe the lessons I learned, the problems I encountered, and my goal to be a better leader.

Yes, it was a good week.  Yes, there were problems encountered but they worked out.  The problems always work themselves out.  And yes, there is always room for improvement.

We had a moose wander into camp.  Actually, he probably was hovering around our camp all week but we just saw him once.  Well, once in daylight and once at night.  They are kind of creepy when you come across them at night and all you can see is their eyes reflecting in the moonlight.

For this post,  I want to focus on one lesson I learned this past week.  It happened Wednesday during the hike.  Between my asthma and vertigo my goal was to not collapse or lose my balance and fall.  And I managed to succeed at both. Yay me!

I didn’t even fall during the off-road stretch where I really had to pay attention to each step I took.  Proud to say, I stumbled but I never went down.

We were just finishing the off-road, cross-country portion of the hike and had to descend the little hill.  Flags marked our path we needed to follow.  Since I was so slow I watched others hike down the hill following the marked path.  Two leaders stood at the bottom to help the hikers make it to the road.  But from where I stood, I thought I could see an easier route.

Despite the flags and the other hikers’ success, I decided to veer to the right.

The vigilant leaders who waited at the bottom called to me and urged me to follow the marked route.  I listened.

When I approached them they helped me down a one-foot drop to get to the road.  “Oh, geez,” I complained.  “That’s a bit of a drop.”  One just nodded her head in agreement.

I joined the other hikers and waited for everyone to catch up.  While I did so, I looked down the road.  If I had continued on my easier route on top of the hill I would have come to a five to six-foot drop to the road.  With no help to get down.

Isn’t that like life?  We have markers and flags showing us the route.  We also have others going before us leading the way.  And there are those waiting to help us through our tough times.  Yet, we may think we see an easier way – a better route.

We don’t always have the full picture from where we stand.  We don’t need to.  There are plenty of gifts to help us to succeed.  We are meant to win – not to lose.

And let me tell you, I’m very glad I listened that day.  I hope I listen just as well in life.