Sometimes the answer is “Cowboy Up”

I believe God hears and answers prayers. I firmly believe this and can’t be swayed. However, the answer may not come as expected. Sometimes we get those sweet tender mercies. And sometimes we are asked to “cowboy up.” To cowboy up is a phrase we use a lot in Wyoming. It means to “make a determined effort to overcome a formidable obstacle” (Google Dictionary). When the answer comes as the latter, we can still take comfort and learn a couple of things.

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Anxiety and worry

I tend to wear on my shoulder

Still I carry on

like a frightened soldier.


Sleep will not come

for the troubled and concerned heart.

The load is heavy

when adversity will not part.


A rut in the floor

will be impressed soon enough

as I search for answers

primarily filled with love.


Answers elude me

when I try to find them alone.

This is more than

I can ever do on my own.


My troubles make me

pace a thousand times or more

but no peace comes

until my knees hit the floor.


The answer comes,

“Your troubles I will keep.

Rest now child,

it is time for you to sleep.”

© 2013 ck’s days


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