Show up, do the work, give your best

I am no longer part of the young crowd. Haven’t been there for quite some time. I’m not exactly part of the old crowd yet but I am closing in on them. Let’s just say I am getting nearer to the old generation and more removed from the younger. Which means I have had time to learn a lesson or two and I am going to share one lesson learned now. It also means I am young enough to know this will probably fall flat and not be received. But I’m going to share anyway. After all this time on this planet, here is my one piece of advice: show up, do the work, give your best.

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Don’t Wait

There once was an old man who lived in a tiny village. This old man lived a fairly simple life. He never had much luxury but he never wanted for anything. To sum it all up, he lived a content life in his little village. The only thing he ever spent money on for himself is chocolate milk. Something about it seemed to both comfort and relax him. The best time to drink it was after a long, grueling day in the field. In fact, he only drank it after particularly grueling days. It was his reward for handling such days. He loved chocolate milk.

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The poetry of mine

I am not a poet.

I think I have been quite clear on the matter. When it comes to writing poetry I am a “learn as I go” and “fake it” kind of girl. My style (if you could call it that) is rhyming verse. That’s it. That’s what I call it because it rhymes. But I really couldn’t explain one type of poem from another. In my playbook, it really comes down to rhyming and non-rhyming. And for me, rhyming poems are easier to read and remember.

But yet, I share a poem once a week.

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Dealing with Jerks

I was discussing the rude behavior of a certain individual with a friend. My friend, positive this person was aware of his actions, made the assumption that he would cower under a perceived authority figure. “Surely,” she surmised, “he’d act different toward this person’s wife.” I thought about it. “Only if he thinks he is doing something wrong. But let’s face it, he probably isn’t aware of how everyone is viewing his actions.”

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William’s Adventure

V. Home

When the hood was finally taken off William’s face he noticed he was in yet another new place. Although he had never seen such furniture that was in this room he could tell wherever he now stood was probably a pretty fancy place. The room seemed to scream royalty or well-to-do. Palace seemed to fit the description.

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