General Conference thoughts: The Joy of the Saints

Say, what is joy? That is an important thing to define when looking at promised blessings. If you think that joy is being happy all the time with no worries then you are going to be disappointed and probably fooled at the first sign of adversity, trouble, or sorrow.

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How Rude

I noticed him texting during the meeting and afterward teased him about it.

“You texted?” I asked in a judgy-sort of way.

He answered affirmatively.  I mean, how else could he reply since I had been sitting right next to me when he did it. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: True Disciples of the Savior and Thru Cloud and Sunshine Lord, Abide with Me!

I admit, after I made a list and scheduled October’s conference talks for my Sunday posts I wondered what prompted me to combine these two talks. I have to combine some commentary on talks due to timing issues and I usually pair two similar themes. After re-reading the two talks I chose for today’s post I wondered what my motivation for this pairing could have been. But as I looked over them again I could see a link between committing to living the gospel and maybe not feeling the promised happiness from doing so. I hope I do both speakers justice in this combination.

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