General Conference thoughts: Finding Joy in Sharing the Gospel and Knowing, Loving, and Growing

I don’t know about you but missionary work is a topic I don’t like to discuss. It’s one of those that when the word is mentioned in class I try not to make eye contact. Let’s just say, there is plenty room for improvement in my life. So, I have a tough time making a connection with this topic because my feelings of guilt thump loud in my ears. But here’s the thing, we make it more difficult than it needs to be.

Missionary work and ministering can come about naturally through my testimony. If I believe then I should act like it. If I’m acting like it then I’m going to look a little “peculiar” to the world. If I look peculiar then there will be questions. Questions are good. I just need to be ready to answer them.

In short, it appears the answer to being a missionary and minister comes down to one key element. Am I experiencing joy in my faith? If so, the rest will come naturally. If not, then I need to reevaluate my why and make some adjustments.

Finding Joy in Sharing the Gospel by Cristina B. Franco

Knowing, Loving, and Growing by Hans T. Boom

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