General Conference thoughts: Finding Joy in Sharing the Gospel and Knowing, Loving, and Growing

I don’t know about you but missionary work is a topic I don’t like to discuss. It’s one of those that when the word is mentioned in class I try not to make eye contact. Let’s just say, there is plenty room for improvement in my life. So, I have a tough time making a connection with this topic because my feelings of guilt thump loud in my ears. But here’s the thing, we make it more difficult than it needs to be. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: God’s Compelling Witness: The Book of Mormon

by Tad R. Callister

One time while on my mission, my companion and I spent some down time tracting.  That’s probably the image most people think of when they think of “Mormons” – the door to door visits by missionaries.  It’s not the most effective use of time but at least it’s not idling precious time away. Very little good tends to come from it except for the chance to meet a variety of people. Continue reading

Sharing the Restored Gospel

by Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Below is the link to the General Conference talk by Elder Oaks. Between the link and here I share a few of my personal thoughts on the subject.

Missionary work has never been my forte.  I have come to the conclusion it’s best to be a disciple of Christ first and if that invites others to learn more, so be it.

It’s not about increasing numbers or goals, it’s about inviting others to find a way of life.  A way of life that hopefully brings me happiness.  If it doesn’t, then what’s the point of inviting others anyway? Continue reading

He Will Place You on His Shoulders and Carry You Home

by Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Here is another one of my favorite talks from the last General Conference.  I appreciate how President Uchtdorf makes things so clear for me.

One of our wards at our recent Young Woman Camp focused on how we are all both in need of rescue but also rescuers.  This is what I thought of as I listened to their wise Bishop counsel the Young Women in his charge.

Continue reading