General Conference thoughts: General Priesthood Session

Due to space and time, all talks from Saturday’s General Priesthood Session have been combined.

I realize the Book of Mormon war chapters are not an easy read.  My personal experience with them started with excitement and then faded to “Why don’t they ever learn?”  In my opinion, they are some of the most easy applicable to our day.  They contain great lessons and important warnings for us.

One particular chapter in Alma has become a personal favorite.  Probably within my top 15 scriptures.  Alma 43 is an outlier of the war chapters.  It actually contains an early battle before they become entrenched in years of war.  It also introduces Captain Moroni as a young, twenty-five year old military leader.  He is responsible for introducing battle armor for his troops.

His army of men were prepared to defend themselves and were protected with armor.  This worked wonderfully since the adversary did not come prepared in such a fashion.  Of course Moroni’s people were successful.  But only at first.  The enemy became angry and even more hostile and the fighting became fierce.  The unprotected army started defeating Moroni’s people.  So much so, Moroni’s people started to retreat.   It wasn’t until Moroni reminded them of their cause and they turned to God that they received the umph needed to turn the battle around again and defeat their antagonists.

I share this because I feel like we are at that point in the battle where the adversary’s fighting has increased intensity.  He is breaking our spiritual armor and perhaps causing us to retreat.  The talks in this session are tied together as a rallying cry.  Remember our cause.  Turn to God.  Continue the fight.

Your Priesthood Playbook by Elder Gary E. Stevenson

The Quorum: A Place of Belonging by Elder Carl B. Cook

Look Unto Jesus Christ by Elder Kim B. Clark

The Power of Sustaining Faith by President Henry B. Eyring

Where Will This Lead? by President Dallin H. Oaks

We Can Do Better and Be Better by President Russell M. Nelson


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