General Conference thoughts: Hear Him

Imagine being called as a prophet of God. Your life’s work is to turn people to God to find a better way of life. Usually prophets have to remind (constantly) the people of their time of certain weaknesses or road blocks that prevent them from coming to God. Moses broke it down into 10 basic rules to help his people. Elijah told people not to worship other Gods. You get the idea.

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General Conference thoughts: General Priesthood Session

Due to space and time, all talks from Saturday’s General Priesthood Session have been combined.

I realize the Book of Mormon war chapters are not an easy read.  My personal experience with them started with excitement and then faded to “Why don’t they ever learn?”  In my opinion, they are some of the most easy applicable to our day.  They contain great lessons and important warnings for us. Continue reading

The Sacrament – a Renewal for the Soul

by Cheryl A. Esplin

There are a few reasons why I attend church every Sunday.  Don’t get me wrong – it is not an easy thing for somebody with social anxiety to attend 3 hours of something totally out of my comfort zone.  But I do.  The most important reason is explained in the following link.