General Conference thoughts: General Priesthood Session

Due to space and time, all talks from Saturday’s General Priesthood Session have been combined.

I realize the Book of Mormon war chapters are not an easy read.  My personal experience with them started with excitement and then faded to “Why don’t they ever learn?”  In my opinion, they are some of the most easy applicable to our day.  They contain great lessons and important warnings for us. Continue reading

The Lessons of Life and Character I Have Learned in the War Chapters of the Book of Mormon

When I first read the Book of Mormon, the war chapters at the end of Alma were my favorite.  Instead of being as deep as the other parts of the book, it became more like a novel.  Such drama!  But after I read it through a couple of times, and I knew how it would end, and the major plot points, it became rather difficult to read.  I became a little bored with it.

When I was serving a mission, however, I noticed there were lessons to be learned – even in the WAR CHAPTERS.

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