Another thing that annoys me so

I am a fan of texting.  In my opinion, it is one of the best inventions.  Ever. message

I am one who likes to ponder and think of a response and try to formulate the perfect reply.  You can’t do that with a regular telephone conversation.  Enter the text.  Someone asks a question and I can look at it.  Think about it.  Type an answer.  Edit it.  And then hit send.  It is wonderful.

So, why would I want a ‘read’ notice sent to the person?  I don’t want them to know how long it is taking me to come up with an appropriate response.  I want to give the illusion that I am able to have conversations without rough drafts.  I’d like to feign the “I just saw your message and here is my brilliant reply off the cuff” comeback.  But I can’t do it if the person sees I read the text an hour ago.

Not cool.

Of course, I turn it off in my settings but there is always that little part of paranoia in me that the setting gets turned on and I am sending out ‘read’ messages and everyone knows my little secret.  I might as well dial a number and (heaven forbid) actually talk to a person.

Now, that’s just me being silly.

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