General Conference thoughts: Firm and Steadfast in the Faith of Christ and Our Campfire of Faith

by Elder D. Todd Christofferson

and Elder Gerrit W. Gong

This morning I read the account of the people of Alma living in the land of Helam.  They had broken apart from the people of King Noah and joined in covenant to live the law of the Lord.  They were free, industrious, and happy.  But then the Lamanites found them and they were forced to live in bondage. While in bondage their taskmasters were severe and made life difficult for them.  The Lord strengthened them so that they could endure their trials and eventually they were delivered from bondage and joined King Mosiah in the land of Zarahemla. (Mosiah 23-24)

Can you imagine if the Lamanites had never found them?  The Book of Mormon would be considerably different.  There would be no book of Alma, or Helaman, or 3rd or 4th Nephi because the people of Alma wouldn’t have joined King Mosiah’s people.

Sometimes bad things might be allowed to happen to us to help give us motivation to move or change either physically or spiritually.  Sometimes those trials are what we need to prompt us to be in the place or become the person we are supposed to be.

Trials are not easy but as we face them with an eternal perspective and let our campfire of faith warm us we can overcome the adversity that faces us.  It requires true conversion and an understanding of the plan of salvation.  But each of us can develop the faith we need to rise above our challenges.

Firm and Steadfast in the Faith of Christ

Our Campfire of Faith

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