Suffer the Children…

I recently had the opportunity to babysit Bubba’s two children, Lil B and Lil K.  As mentioned in a previous post, at the time they were two months shy of four and one week shy of two.  In other words, they were full of energy.  We were staying at my sister’s at the time and they were doing what children do best – keeping themselves occupied and busy.  My sister has a small replica of the Christus that proved to be a temptation for little fingers and busy hands.  They wanted to touch it.  Of course, since it wasn’t their home or statue their dad had warned them not to touch it.  They heard the admonition, they understood the meaning, their desire to touch increased.  

When their parents left and I was in charge they promptly started fingering everything their dad had told them not to touch.  The remote.  The TV.  The Christus.  Since it was my sister’s place I did my best to keep their little fingers away from the remote and the TV.  However, when they moved over to the statue of Christ, I didn’t stop them.  I let them touch.


Lee file photo.  Used with permission.  All rights reserved.

I thought it best not to keep them away from Christ – even if it was just a statue.  I didn’t want them to connect the fact they weren’t allowed to get too near His likeness as a statue with Him as an actual loving God inviting them to come unto Him.  I hope they understand He is approachable.  So, I let them touch the statue.

I took out my camera to capture the moment but oddly enough once they were allowed to touch they quickly lost interest.  They quickly placed their hands on the statue and then moved on to the remote and TV.

But I hope they will come to understand and heed His invitation to “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me.” (Mat 19:14)

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